The Rising Nation with Arrow

Book: The Rising Nation With Arrow (Arrow and Archery in Turks)

Author: Erkan Göksu


Since the day it was established, the Archery Foundation has been working eagerly in order to bring up and to revive the historical and cultural richness of the Turkish Nation. Considering that it is our ancestors who have created the elements for centuries that make us who we are today, our future existence will be forti ed trying not to let the bond to be broken between the past and today. Looking back on the treasure -like history of our civilization, we can see many historical–cultural elements that will make us stronger, unless we do not remember, understand, revive nor popularize. By recognizing this matter as a fact, our foundation has a sacred intention to hand down this treasure to the fu- ture, which can be described as the historical-cultural elements presented by our civilization in a number of areas from state government to the richness in our social & economic lives, sacredness of our family structure to the experience in social solidarity, Based on this bona de, the Archery Foundation is strug- gling for reviving archery, which is an exceptional part of the historical-cultural elements treasure, which cannot be counted, nor calculated, in Turkish-Islamic civilization, and which is considered sacred in our religion. In this sense, this study will not only set forth the connection between Turkish nation and archery, but also ensure that the importance of archery, as a signi cant and sacred part of our civilization, is recognized by rising generations.

İç Sayfalara Göz At